In Greece

  • 1st International Meeting "The new aspects on the Information law"

    Athens, 28-9-2001, "The new legal post-language in the Information Society" (lecture) www.infolaw.gr

  • 3rd International Meeting, "E-Government", "E-Procurement" (lecture)

    University of Komotini, Faculty of Law, October 2003.

  • "The Information Society in Europe and Greece"

    Rotary Club of Attica West, October 2003.

  • "The e-commerce in Greece"

    Rotary Club of Halandri, November 2004.

  • "e-Procurement, Recent legislation and application in Greece"

    17th International Conference, International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM), Athens, 2006.

  • "The Competition Policy in the Energy Sector"

    Congress on the Reform of the European and Greek Law in Free Competition, Athens, 2007 (see vol. 2008, Nomiki Bibliothiki, pp.415).

  • "Investment and Renewable Energy"

    CCIIA Piraeus, 20-6-2007.

  • "The actual and the future legal framework for the Renewable Energy in Greece"

    1st Eco Forum, Athens, 13-11-2007.

  • "Greece in the frame of the Mediterranean Energy Community"

    The 4th Parliamentary Meeting, Athens, March 27/28, 2008

  • "Liberalization of the Energy Market and Security of Supply"

    The Athens Summit, Global Climate and Energy Security, May 5/7, 2008.

  • "Hybrids Systems and Micro-grids"

    Hybrids Systems and Micro-grids Workshop, Kythnos Island, 31-5/2-6, 2008.

  • "Renewable Energy in Greece, Obstacles and Challenges"

    Spanish Embassy in Greece, 2008.

  • "The legal and regulatory framework for the development of the renewable energy sources"

    Open Forum: Development of the Geothermal Energy in Greece. The Icelandic know how. Athens, ΙΓΜΕ, August 2008.

  • "The development of the Renewable sources in Greece. The actual situation, problems and future prospects"

    Open Forum of Ministry for Development Zapio, 31-10-2008.

  • "The e-government in Public Administration. The e-auctions of the HTSO"

    International Congress "Transparency and Reform of the administrative procedures, especially through e-government initiatives for a better public administration", European Public Law Organization, Athens, January 30/31, 2009.

  • "Critical priorities and truths in the energy sector in Greece"

    Athens CCI, 13-2-2009.

  • "The liberalization of the energy market in Greece. The actual situation, future prospects and conclusions"

    Economist 3rd International Energy Summit "The Global Energy Market following the economy crisis", Athens, March, 19/20, 2009.

  • "The development of the Renewable sources in Greece"

    Technical and informative meeting of the Spanish Embassy, Athens,11-5-2009.

  • "Perspectives of the penetration of the Renewable Energy Sources in Greece"

    Meeting: Green Energy Aspects, International University of Greece, Thessaloniki, 27-11-2010.

  • "Perspectives and problems of the Renewable Energy Sources penetration in Greece"

    Meeting of the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce, Athens, 20-4-2010.

  • "Alternative Dispute Resolutions - The case of the Energy Sector"

    EANDA 3rd Legal Conference, "ADR: Mediation - Arbitration and other perspectives", Nafplio, 15/17-2-2013.

  • "RES: Perspectives and priorities. Towards a new model of penetration?"

    Academy of Athens, Energy Commission, Congress for "RES: Presuppositions for a massive penetration in electricity". Athens, 1-1-2013.

  • "The Greek Regulatory Framework of Hydrocarbons"

    International Hellenic University, Energy Law "Hydrocarbons: Legal, Economic, Technological and Geopolitical Aspects", IHU Week 2014, Thessaloniki, 14-3-2014.

  • "Renewable Energy Sources and Hydrocarbons: Legal and Economic Issues"

    Workshop at IHU, Thessaloniki, 20-6-2014.

  • "An approach on the proposal for the liberalization of the Retail National Gas Market"

    International Hellenic University in " Recent Developments in the Hydrocarbons Market with emphasis on Natural Gas", Thessaloniki, 11-12-2014.

  • "The recent developments in the retail natural gas market"

    Energy Forum Thessaloniki, meeting for «Natural Gas and NLG», 26-1-2016, International Hellenic University (Thessaloniki).

  • "The recent developments in the natural gas retail market in the effect of the Third Memorandum in Greek Legal Order"

    EANDA 6st Congress, Porto Heli/Spetses, 13/15-5-2016.

  • "The Legal Framework of CNG"

    Southeastern Energy Forum, 4th Conference on "Energy Market in Southeastern Europe", International Hellenic University, 28.03.2017

  • "The Liberalized Energy Market"

    lecture at 1st Corfu Summer School on European Business Law, ELMAA, 26.07.2017


  • "The e-commerce in the Greek legislation"

    2nd International Meeting "The Information Society, Legal Aspects", 4-10-2002, University of Lecce, Italy, www.infolaw.gr

  • "The protection of the software in Greece"

    2nd International Meeting, "The Information Society, Legal Aspects", 4-10-2002, University of Lecce, Italy, www.infolaw.gr

  • "The EU 3rd Energy Package"

    the National Association of the Regulatory Unities Commissioners (N.A.R.U.C.) annual meeting, Washington D.C., 2008.

  • "e-Government: La legislazione sulla sostenibilità e le prospettive giuridiche nell’ ordinamento greco"

    International Congress, Tourismatic for a Cultural and Environmental Heritage Valorisation, University of Salento, Lecce, July 2008.

  • "L’energia alternativa in Grecia: Il quadro legislativo e regolatorio per lo sviluppo"

    Riunione delle Camere di Commercio di Puglia, Brindisi, November 6, 2009.

  • "Vertice Internazionale di Copenaghen: Clima l’ultima chiamata"

    Riunione Istituto Superiore Formazione Ricerca e Studi (ISFORES), Brindisi, December 11, 2009.

  • "L’importanza di penetrazione dei fonti rinnovabili per il miglioramento del clima"

    Polo energetico Brindisino, Clima sempre piu’ caldo, Brindisi December 12, 2009.

  • "Efficienza Energetica e Risparmio attraverso le Fonti Rinnovabili"

    Riunione CCIA Brindisi, March 22, 2010.